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Hello All,

Today I would like to introduce my new Valve radio.

I am well pleased with the look and sound it produces,

I will be experimenting with the radio early hours tomorrow morning.

I'll keep you all posted.

A very big thanks to Eamonn Vann Harris (an ITC operator) for selling the radio to me, much appreciated.

Updated: Mar 29

Hello all,

This is an update,

EVP are still coming through using the Radio white noise on the FM band,

I have been experimenting with two and three radio set to different frequencies (All white noise static) But what I have found so far as for today 25/3/2024 is one radio set around 80 to 88MHz (Anywhere between these numbers that's a free frequency works well for the EVP)

I have recorded so many EVP over the last few weeks of experimenting with the radio, some are very quiet and some I can't make out, but there are significant voices on these audio which simply shouldn't be there! All truly amazing!

I feel three radios at the same time, over powered the EVP vocals, so this is why I switched back down to one radio, I figured I will work on recording for the EVP contact, and if Direct radio voice occurs again all well and good, I know the pioneers all started out recording with the radio for the EVP and later good quality DRV increased and burst through when the otherside find a way to do so.

Here's one EVP from last night.

I switched on the recorders and waited 30 secs or so before I spoke, just letting the ambiance of the sound of white noise circulate... I hear a voice speak "The Pains Within" or "Begins within"?

then there's a spike of sound and there is a fade in sound.

This was only recorded on one of my recorders and nothing on the other.

Take a listen the EVP is around 4 secs into the audio.

EVP ONLY BELOW with Slight Noise Reduction:

Thanks for reading,


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This is a short post on Anabela Cardoso's new book about the pioneer of the EVP and how he started this whole Phenomenon. Not a lot of 'serious'researchers know of his name, but this new book explains how and where it all really started.

So please Anabela has put alot of time and energy into writing this book in homage to Jurgenson, so please if you are interested in how it all began, go get a copy of the book.

Take care,


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