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Updated: Mar 19

Hello all...

I have gone back to basics while recording for traditional transform E.V.P, In which I mean, I have been using my four band radio on FM, radio signal of 87MHz (Euro signal) that Maggy and Jules Fischbach used in Luxemburg back in the 1980/90tys.

The signal is just pure white noise and is far more stable than the AM/SW bands.

My experiments are a Sanyo 1980tys four band radio, set to FM at 87 MHz then two digital recorders (set on HQ) placed about 50CM away from the Radio to record the session.

Not only have I been getting frequent E.V.P but I have started to hear and responded to Direct radio voice (The D.R.V are very week at the moment) I am hoping with time the voices will get stronger.

I also have a red light and sometimes blue light, bathing the radio and digital recorders and amethyst and quarts crystals which I have in front of the radio speakers, this is all to help with the contact.

In the future I am also going to try a UV Light to bath the room in.

This is a typical experiment session, but this time I had two radios one tunned to FM between 86MHz and 88MHz and one tunned to the Jurgenson frequency to have a richer white noise and to double the chance of DRV.

Short video below: Disclaimer( could be loud with headphones on)

Here's a few EVP that have come through during these experiments;

This session I was asking Professor Ernst Senkowski (ITC researcher now deceased) can he make contact through the radio or EVP? I hear a "Yes" being spoke.

Session with Father Brune;

I hear in the below E.V.P after I am closing the experiment down, someone says "So it begins"


This is one DRV that I heard live during a session with Tina Laurent (EVP researcher now deceased) I hear "Yes" being after I asked Tina, are you part of Time Stream in the afterlife? I even responded by saying is that a Yes! after hearing the voice live from the radio white noise.

I will keep you all posted as of how these experiments unfold, I will sometime in the future record video of one of these experiments, so you all can see how and what I am doing throughout the experiment and to hope to have contact as in DRV.


I asked is my Nan happy on the other side of life, I hear "Happy and good" spoke after I speak, then I acknowledge the voice by saying is that a voice I hear. Then I hear "Jeff" being spoke quickly after.

For this one I asked what is their space like? I hear 'Better than this'

For this next EVP, I asked did they have any messages to help with the ITC contact?

I hear 'Don't Know??'

This next EVP, I asked my Grandfather He was a bit of a comedian in his life time, I asked did he once dress up as a Lady as a bet to see if his friends would recognize him in Bingo one night... I hear 'Lipstick and dress' Dress fades out a bit so not sure.

This was another DRV that came through during an experiment I hear 'We Love you" half way through the clip (Might need headphones if listening on Mobile Phone)

Take care,


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