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Interactive Videos- E.V.P

Hi all,

Just a quick update to tell you, that I have changed  my format on YouTube, to a more interactive Video while sharing the E.V.P captures that come through for me, hope you enjoy this new format, look forward to seeing you all there, please ask away if you have any questions.
Take care, Lance

Video of My great Grandfather saying my Great grandmothers name Susan

I would like to wish everyone who calls to my site a very big Merry Christmas from my family to you!



Voice Prints of the E.V.P vrs Human Voice

The voice prints for a Human voice can be clearly seen with the spectrogram, The Human voice is like a ladder formation (This come from the larynx as the sound is made from the throat of a human)
Where by an EVP, looks like small speckles or a bit more chaotic? Than the structured human voice.
Again this depends of the frequency of the voice spoken or fast or slow speech but the voice print will always be reasonable the same.
But again! Some E.V.P can have a ladder formation (Like the human vocal cords), Why!!? This is unknown, but it happens alot. 

The fact that Traditional transform E.V.P vocals, sometime if always sound like the voice of the person as they were in the earthly life,  how's is this possible? If the spirit has no vocal track, how is the voice the same as their earthy life voice??  It's a Very interesting subject and still ongoing research into this, I'll keep you posted! 


(Below) 'We were passing' E.V.P Vocal - As you can see, there is a vocal track presence within the voice print of the E.V.P

voice print marai.jpg
William (E.V.P Below)
This EVP was taken with a Mobile Phone (Internet switched off) With radio static pre recorded and played in a loop for background noise.
william vp.jpg
Lance Voice
William (EVP)
Don't Know (EVP below)

This EVP was recorded with a Sony B500 digital voice recorder on the SP Mode, you can see my voice then the EVP saying "Don't Know"

Lance Voice
Don't Know (EVP)
"Big Circle" (EVP below)

This EVP I asked Debbie Caruso if she still worked with the big circle on the other side- Big Circle is spoke at the End.
Again, the difference in the voice print from my voice to the EVP.

voice print Debbie New.jpg
Lance Voice
Big Circle EVP
This is my old faithful Digital ICD B500 recorder, this one I use almost every time, I set it to SP or LP mode, this gives a rich white noise in the internal circuitry, which in itself helps the other side to communicate.
In my humble opinion! The other side needs a certain volume of noise to work with, this could be white noise, brown noise, radio static  etc But they need to embed their voice onto the audio, has the other side is spirit energy and has no voice box... This is my opinion from many years of research.

New method of recording for Transform E.V.P
October 2022
I have been working with a new simple way of record for E.V.P, this way involves, using a mobile/cell phone with airplane mode on (so NO internet interferiance) then using a simple audio recording app and then a app that is able to loop a noise (Such as white noise ect) For my experiements I am using grey noise mixed with the Jurgenson frequency, so this is more a harsh background noise.. next turn the main volume down to 1/2 notches from the bottom, this allows the noise to be heard as a slight hum behind your voice.
To get the two apps working at the same time, you will need to split  screen on your phone,this allows the two apps to play and record at the same time.
Then after the recording session, upload to a computer to anaylize.

Here's a sample from the new recording setup, you will need to add a bit of slight noise reduction to silent the background noise just a bit.
In this EVP below, I am asking my mothers uncle Will who passed in 1966 to give me any info about his grave, to pay our respects.
After I speak, I hear a very low voice say something which I can't make out...  And then right at the end, a voice says
William was know for being a physical medium in life, and ran regular Physical mediumship circle at their home, my mother always told me that I was very much like Uncle Will because I have always been interested in the paranormal and spirituality from a very young age.


WilliamArtist Name
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"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." - NiKola Tesla

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