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Greetings to you,
This website follows the I.T.C work of Lance Reed from Wales UK.
 Since childhood Lance has had an obsession with the Afterlife, spirit contact, UFO ect.  
where do we go when we die?
Where do we fit into this universe?
Does the soul survive after the physical body dies?

Questions like that.

 Lance states, "That he is not a ghost hunter" his work of collecting audio contacts from the spirit world, is in the quiet of his own home.
   In1994 Lance started to attend spiritual churches and started to study medium-ship, he sat in a development circle to train in mental medium-ship, and although he is very sensitive, he does not class himself as a medium.

In January 2006 Lance read about E.V.P and the I.T.C research field, this interested him so much that he instantly started to record on a digital recorder, After a day or so he had success, he  recorded a male voice saying 'Hayden'....   After talking to his neighbour he found out that 'Hayden' was the name of the person who used to live in his house before he moved in and passed in the house.  This was the confirmation Lance needed for him to delve deep into I.T.C. research, he felt that he and others could hear the evidence that was produced by the other side, and everybody could witness this. 

Lance always follows protocols while recording, such as the room where he performs a contact session has to be silent, with only the ambiance of the room. If a external noise is heard while recording, it is noted by speaking it out loud, this way when playing back the recording for analyse,  there's no possible influence of external noise mistaken as E.V.P.... The room is a controlled environment such as Wi-Fi and Tv's etc are all turned off, there is only him in the room, recording in silence, only the gently noise of the  Radio tuned to white noise free frequency,or the gibberish method using  the syllables playing out into the room can be heard.
 He is also aware of audio pareidolia....   So on playback of the recording session, he listens back to the audio, if he doesn't hear any fully formed words or sentences first time of listening, then NO Contact has been made. He makes it a priority not to go back and search for, or to try and make out words being spoken in the recorded audio, this he believes as also being pareidolia. 


 His research and contact work isn't just a hobby for him, it's more of an obsession, that he cares for very much. 
 As experimenters in this field will know, contact is not promised all of the time,  But Lance believes in focusing his energies on the person he is trying to communicate with, using a picture of them helps this process. 
Building a bridge to the afterlife, is based on respect for the deceased and resonance, This he believes aids communication...  Maybe one day soon, communication will be as easy as to write an Email.... This will only happen if enough 'serious experimenters' keep doing what they are doing, making peaceful positive contact, then the signal will strengthen and the veil will lift.

  Lance always Promotes for people to live this life on earth fully in the present moment, to embrace it! To enjoy! To love and be kind, Humble, be the best you can be, and to  grow spirituality, these are the teachings from the other side that have come through over the years to past and present researchers in the field.



The Big Circle


Lance has been a member of the BIG Circle since early 2007,.
The big circle was set up by Martha Copeland back in the early 2000, after the passing of her daughter Cathy, the circle was set up for grieving parents that had lost their children or people that has lost loved ones, the group reaches out to spirit side big circle members via I.T.C methods, to make contact with them








I.T.C - Instrumental trans -communication 

It's the use of electronic items, such as digital voice recorders, Radios,Computers, TVs, etc., To record voices and images and text from the spirit world... E.V.P (Electronic Voice Phenomena) being the most commonly known phenomena that falls under the umbrella of I.T.C.

The experimentations of I.T.C has lead us to believe that spirit can manipulate electronic items to make contact with the us.


What is I.T.C Research?

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Debbie Caruso a member of the big circle and AAEVP (Deceased) speaks from the afterlife, saying Big Circle

“If our personality survives, then it is strictly logical and scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, and other faculties and knowledge that we acquire on earth...

“...I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If this reasoning be correct, then, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected, moved, or our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something.” -

Thomas Edison

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