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Discovery early hours this morning

Updated: Apr 25

I was experimenting early hours this morning, trying different setups with my radio's etc when I stumbled on a frequency on the VHF FM band on my valve radio, It sound like a fluctuating wind type sound, so I continued with this frequency trying and adding another radio and an EM Pump to hope to enhance contact.

Well I had a few voices come through, these two voices below came through on the EVP, But I received the Voice saying 'How are you' could be through 'Direct Radio Voice' But again not sure??? The voice recorded on two recorders at the same time, but one was very much stronger than the other recorder, I could have missed the voice directly coming through the radio? Anyway, I will play them for you, I have entitled them but are truly Unsure what Is being said, but the other side have used the background sound source to (White noise) to modulate their voice, So Stick with me as I continue experimenting with this setup, Please tell me what you hear?

Take care,


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