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Short video of my set up

Here's a short video of my current setup, I am currently using three radios

top black one tunned to shortwave, Valve radio tunned to Jurgenson frequency and the small radio FM...All tunned to white noise this is to give the other side a good mix and range of rich frequencies to work with. You will notice that I have my recorder very close to the radio's?

This however I changed this morning, as I felt that the recorder was to close to the Radios and not producing any contact for the last few days, or if so, the voices were being drowned out by the white noise frequencies... So to give more acoustical value I decided to move the recorders about 1 meter away from the radio setup. Straight away I had a small EVP contact saying 'This feels right'.

So! I will carry on experimenting with this movement of recorder tonight, I always go with my gut feelings, if I get an idea to move or adjust something, I go with it, this could be a guidance from the other side, who knows? But I go with the flow of it. I might even use another radio tunned to long wave (White noise) to throw in the mix of frequencies, this method of using more than one radio set to white noise is not new, but used by Adolf Homes in Germany, Anabela Cardoso in Spain, Clovis Nunes in Brasil, and many more around the world.

I feel I am started off with small steps, but hoping with consistent experimenting and reaching out to the other side that contact will get clearer and longer using these methods.

I have ordered a UV light and IR light to use for my experiments, hoping these two mixtures of light spectrum will enhance contact even more? Just waiting for these to come back in the mail.

Thanks for reading,


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